The Mighty Doonans Band

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"The Mighty Doonans was an idea to get a big band, with a big sound, together, using friends and family. Our first port of call was to ask Ian (Walter) Fairbairn, who was in Hedgehog Pie and Jack The Lad in the seventies. Ian, although from Wallsend, lives in Leeds and has been playing with local bands for years. He is such a great multi talented musician it was brilliant when he agreed to join us. We then had the idea of recruiting a few siblings, Rosie Doonan, Ben Murray and Jamie Luckley. And so The Mighty Doonans did their first gig at Sunderland Festival in August 2011. We were all very pleased at the reaction and agreed that it was worth carrying on. We just need some gigs now and perhaps record something."

Stu Luckley Nov 2011


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Photos courtesy of Jed Grimes

So the line up is .....

Mick Doonan
Irish pipes, piccolo,sax and vocals

Rosie Doonan
Vocals and sax

Fran Doonan
dancer, flute, sax vocals

Kevin Doonan

Ian Fairbairn
Fiddle, mandolin, guitar and vocals

Stu Luckley
Guitar, keyboards and vocals

Jamie Luckley

Phil Murray

Ben Murray
Keyboards, melodeon, whistle and vocals